Meat and Greens

I always believe that the simplest food is the best way to cheer one up! 

Begun Bhaja(Brinjal Fry)

Hey guys! I am back with another simple recipe. I have turned to cooking simple foods rather than experimenting with new dishes, for now. A nice homely meal is what we are craving for now. Brinjal Fry is really simple. It does not need any elaborate method of cooking. Whenever you want something quick to…

Achari Karela

Healthy and Tasty. Bitter Gourd may surprise you with its multiple health benefits! 


Ode to the Poha!

The whimsical beans

A little veggies harmed no one. Ever. At least not the ones alive.  😋


The softness that dissolves in your mouth 🙂

The Gourmet Box

The wonderful Gourmet Box!. It’s a subscription box that sends you different ingredients and a recipe every month. My daughter gifted me this on my birthday! I absolutely loved the products in it. We made our breakfast based on the recipe today and it turned out to be really good. To top it off, it…