Rice Appam

There are so many different things you can make out of the same ingredients. Appam is a south indian dish. It is very simple to make and yet so delicious and soft that it makes the consumer beg for more.


Bhaja Pithe ( Fried Coconut Sweet)

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year I begin this year with a recipe for coconut sweet. January comes in with a festival called Sankranti which is celebrated all over India but called by different names. It may as well be a favourite day for all the bengali sweet lovers because we make various…

Modak (Stuffed sweet dumpling)

The second half of every year ushers in beautiful, wonderful times. Recently we celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi, a festival for one of our many Indian Gods revered for successful endeavours. This year I tried to make Modak which is assumed to be one of His favourite food items. I tried to fit in my blog on…