Bottle Guard with Khaskhas

This recipe was rare  when I was a kid. Poppy seeds were expensive then and even now. When I first made this dish, the bottle guard was a little uncooked. I still try to reach my mother’s standards but  fail somehow. Though it does make me happy to see my family and friends relish this dish when I make it for them. My mother used to use the round bottle guards, but I can only find the long ones where I live. Anyway enjoy the recipe and do check out the links to the health benefits of bottle guard and poppy seeds. Enjoy!




1.      Bottle Guard – 1/2 Kg
2.      Khaskhas [Poppy Seeds] – 100 gms
3.      Green Chillies- 5 nos.
4.      Salt to taste
5.      Sunflower Oil – 5 table spoon
6.      Mustard Oil – 2 table spoon
7.      Onion seeds(kalinji)- 2 pinch
8.      Turmeric Powder – 1 pinch

1.      Peel the skin of bottle guard. Chop the guard having size of
about 25mm X 3mm X 3mm and keep it aside
2.      Grind the Khaskhas and green chillies, then keep it aside
3.      Heat sunflower oil in a wok
4.      Add onion seeds
5.      Add the chopped bottle guard
6.      Stir and cover. Allow it to cook till water is released and stars boiling
7.      Open the lid and add salt, pinch of turmeric powder
8.      Stir for couple of minutes and cover with lid. Allow to cook for 10min.
9.      Add the Khaskhas paste to the cooked guard.

Note: In case the green chilly is not enough then you can add red chilly powder
10.     Stir and close the lid for about 10 min.
11.     Open and stir till the ingredients starts sticking to the frying pan.
12.     Add mustard oil
13.     Stir and cook further after simmering fire to ensure complete cooking. Cook till             the  oil starts getting discarded.


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