Khasi Cuisine

Hey there people! I bring to you a snippet of my Travel to Shillong.Sounds grand doesn’t it? For someone who does not travel much-this was an amazing experience. Especially since I was born there and spent the first 17 years of my life there. I had gone there for my nephew’s marriage and only got two days to explore my birth town. The stay there was amazing and I met a lot of relatives that I had last met more than thirty years back!

If you ever go to Shillong you absolutely must try the Khasi cuisine there. There is a lot more to taste but I only got to try Khasi and Naga cuisine in the two days that I got to myself. If you travel around in Shillong there are loads of restaurants of varied South Asian cuisines that will call out to you like sme magical whisp of temptation. If you do go there- go with some time on your hands.

jadoh (Copied from Google Images)

The first thing that I tried out was Jadoh . Jadoh is basically meat and rice. Ja means Rice and Doh means Meat. The meat Khasi people generally prefer is pork, but I had chicken instead.

The meat was succulent and the rice tasted amazing. The rice had this amazing mix of ingredients that brought in a lot of flavor subtly to your mouth!

If you go for Jadoh then you must taste the Tungrymbai. Tungrymbai is fermented soya bean. This has a strong flavor and it goes very well with the JaDoh.

I tried out this side dish at two places. Though they tasted wonderfully different- I found the small hut,near Mawjymbuin Cave, to be a better establishment.Their hospitality was amazing. They didn’t have much and we were the only customers. The Tungrymbai was free of cost! They said they could provide us some from their own meal and asked us if we would like to try it. We were touched and decided not to be rude.It was not a bad decision- it tasted amazing.

I always believe that any food made with love tastes wonderful to everyone.

I even tried out the Tungtap which is fish chutney. This is the first place where I have tasted a chutney made of fish. You will not get any fish pieces in this dish. The fish is completely smashed into a paste like form.

I have not tried out any of these dishes at home so I have linked the names of the dishes with other websites that have explained the dishes in detail.

There are more snippets on the way that will update you about my Travel to Shillong and while you wait- Here is a list of must haves Khasi Delicacies. Have good times ahead my people!

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