Jowari Dosa- A blend of North and South India

Jowari Dosa is one of the simplest dishes that I have created. I came up with this tasty creation when I changed our daily diet from wheat based to jowar based. Dosa is common in South India and well, Jowar is a common flour used to make rotis in North India. Dosa uses very little oil and is a crispy treat that looks light but fills the stomach easily. Jowar on the other hand is very healthy. Click on the names to find out more on their health benefits.


Serves : 6           Time : 30 minutes


1. White millet flour (Jowar)- 2cups

2. Split black gram lentil (Kalli Dal/Biuli Dal)- 1cup

3. Curry leaves – 1/2 cup

4. Green chillies -2

5. Onion -2

6. Corriander leaves -1 bunch

7. Oil – One spoon for every dosa


1. Soak the split gram in water for an hour

2. After an hour remove the gram from water.

3. Add a green chilly and curry leaves to the gram

4. Grind them together till they form a paste

5. Add white millet flour to it till a fine consistency is obtained

6. Add salt according to your taste

7. Take a huge spoon full of the mixture and slowly spread it on a flat pan.

8. Cut onions finely

9. Chop the corriander leaves and green chillies

10. Sprinkle a small amount on the dosa

11. Sprinkle one spoon of oil on the dosa

12. Wait till the dosa is crispy

13. Serve with any kind of chutney

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