Paneer Butter Masala

After a long time on my daughter’s demand I made Paneer Butter Masala at home. It brought back some good old memories ^-^. As the name suggests we use butter in this dish but I use a very little amount and a little butter is good for every one. Coming to paneerpaneer, it is very healthy and it is a yummy source of calcium. Go ahead and try this recipe it you want to try a different indian twist to your vegetarian palette.


Time:30 minutes    Serves: 4




• Tomato -2 small

• Onion -1 medium

• Onion -2 medium for fry

• Cumin -pinch

• Garlic paste -1 spoon

• Ginger paste ½ spoon

• Salt-according to taste

• Cashew nuts- 10 gms

• Turmeric powder- 1/2 spoon

• Chilli powder 1 ½ spoon

• Water – 1 ½ cup

• Paneer(Fresh Indian Cheese/ Unsalted anari) -200gm

• Butter- 1spoon

• Fresh Cream -3-4 spoons

• Oil -10ml


• Boil the tomatoes and onion and make a pastel it of them when they become soft

• Heat oil in a wok.

• Chop the other onion and fry it in the wok till it is brown.


 • Add cumin seeds.

• Add ginger and garlic paste.

• Add salt,turmeric powder, chilli powder and a splash of water.

• Then stir the ingredients in the wok.

• Add tomato and onion paste.

• Let it simmer till oil is discharged-around 5 minutes.

• Add cashew nut paste.

• Fry the ingredients for a few seconds

• Add water and stir for 5 minutes.


 • Add cottage cheese

• Add one glass of hot water


 • Let it simmer for 10 Minutes after you put the lid.

• Just before serving, add butter and cream and mix them well

• Serve hot.

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