Aam Pora Juice(Burnt Mango Juice)

It’s still summer here and the heat’s risen to an unbearable temperature. Burnt mango juice is an amazing way to cool down and refresh you. You feel the effects immediately and it tastes goos too. This simple recipe is healthy and fresh and a good way to fill your stomach.


Serves: 4          Time: 30 minutes


1. Green mango – 2

2. Chat masala – 2 table spoon

3. Black salt – According to taste


1. Roast the mangoes on a stove

2. Let it sit for few minutes until it cools a little

3. Remove the blackened skin

4. Take a bowl and remove the pulp by squeezing the mangoes

5. Add water and wash the mangoes in the bowl till there is no pulp in the mangoes

6. Remove the seeds from the bowl

7. Add black salt and chat masala to the pulpy juice

8. Mix it well

9. Use a sieve to separate the pulp from the juice

10. Add ice cubes to the juice

11. Serve with tiny umbrellas

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