Tuna burger

I generally try burger without patties and the tuna burger is the most common one because it is so easy to make.But I tried to make patties for the first time and the burger turned out excellent. So here is a cheesy tuna burger delight for you to enjoy.


Time: 30 min.           Serves: 2



  1. Burger bread – 4 nos.
  2. Tuna chunks – 150-200 gms
  3. Potato – 2 nos.
  4. Onion – 1 medium size
  5. Green chillies – 4 nos.
  6. Garlic – 5 nos.
  7. Oil – 2 spoon
  8. Tomato – 1 no.
  9. Cucumber – 1/4th in slice form
  10. Lettuce – few leaves
  11. Cheese slice – 2 nos.


For the patties

  1. Heat frying pan
  2. Heat cooking oil
  3. Add sliced onion, garlic and green chillies
  4. Fry the above ingredients for few minutes
  5. Add tuna fish chunks
  6. Add salt to taste
  7. Add smashed potatoes
  8. Fry the above for about 10 minutes and mix them till they form dough like
  9. Take the dough out of the pan
  10. Shape the dough into 2 patties.

For the burger

  1. Take a non stick pan and heat.
  2. Add little oil and heat further
  3. Fry slowly the patties for about 10-15 minutes on either side till it comes brownish in colour
  4. Slightly heat/ fry the breads in frying pan
  5. Spread the breads and apply mayonnaise
  6. Spread Lettuce, cucumber and tomato
  7. Place cheese slice
  8. Place the patties.
  9. Top it with tomato, cucumber and Lettuce leaves
  10. Sprinkle mozzarella cheese and cover it with another bread
  11. Warm the burger on frying fan so that the cheese melts
  12. The burger is ready to serve. Serve it with finger fries or potato chips

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