Bhaja Pithe ( Fried Coconut Sweet)

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year I begin this year with a recipe for coconut sweet. January comes in with a festival called Sankranti which is celebrated all over India but called by different names. It may as well be a favourite day for all the bengali sweet lovers because we make various kinds of traditional sweets on this day. This is but a single sweet recipe for coconut and jaggery sweet. I will uploading the rest later. Hoping for your sweet and better moments ahead here is the recipe 🙂


Time: 45 -60 minutes Servings: 5

bhaja pithe


For the dough:

1. Moong Dal :250 gm
2. Rice Flour : 100gm
3. Suger :1 tbsp
4. Salt : ½ tbsp
5. Chilli Powder : 1 tbsp
6. Turmeric powder :pinch
7. Water : ½ glass
8. Oil :250 ml

For filling:
1. Grated Coconut :1
2. Solid Jaggery :50 gm


For filling:
1. Grate the coconut
2. Heat a wok
3. Add the grated coconut and jaggery
4. Stir for 10 minutes
5. Set it aside

For the dough:
1. Fry the dal till it is slightly golden red
2. Add the fried dal to a cooker
3. Add water to the dal
4. Put the lid and let it boil (for 2-3 whistles)
5. Smash the boiled dal with your hands
6. Add rice flour, sugar, salt, turmeric powder, chilli powder to the smashed dal.
7. Then mix them well with your hands and you well get nice dough.
Hint: If it is too soft you can add more rice powder
8. Then make small balls of the dough
9. Flatten out the balls with your fingers
I am sorry I couldn’t take a photo of the process. I will take a photo when I prepare this again. To flatten out the dough press it gently with your fingers while turning the dough with your fingers continuously. It shoupld basically be a flat circular dough after you are done flattening.
10. Fill the coconut stuffing into the flattened dough
11. Roll the stuffed dough into the required shape
12. And the fry each stuffed dough till it is golden red in colour
13. Bhaja pithe is ready to serve!

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