Katch Kola’r Kofta (Raw Banana Kofta)

This is one dish, I like to prepare when I do not have many options of vegetable available in my stock. Also this falls in my list of favorites. Koftas are a common delicacy in Middle eastern and South Asian countries. Though mainly prepared using meat (you could say a form of meat balls), vegetarian koftas are also quite popular in India. There are many benefits of Raw Banana. Hope you will appreciate this preparation of mine. 

Serves: 4 Time: 45 minutes

Katch Kola's Kofta

1. Raw Banana : 2 Nos

Kach Kala

2. Potato : 2 Nos.
3. Salt : According to taste
4. Turmeric : 1 spoon
5. Chilli Powder : 1 spoon (or as per taste)
6. Cumin Powder : 1 ½ spoon
7. Ginger Paste : 1 spoon
8. Sugar : 1 pinch
9. Bay leaf : 1 No.
10. Ground Spices(Garam Masala) : ½ spoon
11. Ghee : 1 spoon
12. Cashew Paste : 10-12 kajus
13. Tomato : 1 No.
14. Gram Flour (Besan) : 2 spoon
1. Take a utensil and boil one potato and 2 bananas.
2. After boiling cool them in a bowl and smash the bananas and potato.
3. Mix the smashed banana and potato with one spoon of salt and besan.
4. Shape the mix in form of balls and then slightly flatten them (Kofta).
5. Deep fry the koftas and keep them aside.
6. Take a fresh wok (kadai) and heat oil in it.
7. Add bay leaves, potato slices (slice one potato) and fry for a couple of minutes.
8. Add turmeric powder, chilli powder, jeera(cumin) powder, ginger paste and sugar.
9. Fry the contents of the wok for some time and then add sliced the tomato.
10. Add kaju(cashew) paste to the same wok.
11. Mix and fry for 5 minutes.
12. While you are frying take another utensil and boil one glass of water.
13. Add this one glass of hot water to the wok and let it boil for 10 minutes.
14. Once the gravy is ready add koftas, garam masala and ghee.
15. Cover the pan and switch off the stove.
16. Allow the preparation to cool down for 10 minutes.
17. The recipe is ready to serve. 🙂

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