Egg-less Cocoa Cake

Who Says we can’t have a bit of pleasure while keeping our health in mind?Cocoa is one of the best “guilty”pleasure that is easy to find around.Well,it is not a guilty pleasure anymore in a moderate level.Cocoa powder have many health benefits for all ages and all kinds of problems that majority of the population face these days.

Brown Pleasure
Brown Pleasure

Time : 30 minutes Serves : 4

1. Maida(all purpose flour)- 2 cups
2. Sugar- 1 cup
3. Cocoa Powder- 5 spoons
4. Curd- ½ cup
5. Butter- 75 gms
6. Soda Water- ½ cup

Note: Use a teacup

1. Take a bowl and add maida.
2. Add sugar to the maida.
3. Add the cocoa powder.
4. Add curd.
5. Add butter.
6. Then whip the mixture properly till it becomes smooth.
7. Then add soda water to the batter.
8. Whip the batter again for 5 minutes till the soda water mixes properly.
9. Take an aluminium vessel of any shape of your wish
Note: The height of the vessel should be around 4 inches.
10. Grease the vessel with butter.
11. Dust the greased vessel with maida.
12. Pour the batter into the aluminium vessel.
13. Put a aluminium ring in a cooker and place the aluminium vessel on top of the ring.
14. Cover the cooker with its lid and remove the whistle blower.
15. Place the cooker on a stove with low flame for 30 to 45 minutes.
16. Afte 45 minutes switch off the stove and open the cooker.
17. Pierce the cake with a knife to check if it sticks to the knife.
18. If it sticks then put the cooker on a low flame again for 5-10 minutes otherwise let the cooker cool.
19. After the cooker cools remove the aluminium vessel.
20. Flip the vessel on top of a plate.
21. The cake should slide on to the plate.
22. You can decorate the cake whichever way you want or keep it plain and serve. 🙂

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