Mochar Ghanto(Banana Flower)

I have been uploading loads of non-veg stuff recently so I am going to treat all the vegetarian readers out today as an apology. What I have here is the Indian way of preparing banana flowers. Trust me banana flower is very very tasty and very healthy.Along with dietary fibres , proteins and unsaturated fatty acids, banana flowers are also rich in vitamin E and flavonoids.It is very good for people suffering from diabetes,heart disease and anxiety.I hope you really like this 🙂

photo 1

Tip:Look for a flower with a firm and fresh appearance and the leaves should overlap tightly.You can wear gloves while removing the flower and for those who are having a problem understanding which part to really eat *chuckle* ,it is the yellow twig like structures you find after peeling the purple leaves.There are many layers of purple leaves in one flower.

1. Banana flower – 1
2. Potato – 1
3. Grated coconut -1
4. Chana dal – 50 gms(Bengal gram)
5. Salt – to taste
6. Haldi Powder(Turmeric)
7. Chilli powder
8. Jeera Powder(Cumin)
9. Garam masala
10. Ghee – 1 spoon
11. Kalinji – 1/2 tea spoon(black onion seeds)
12. Hing(Asafoetida)

1. Peel banana flower and separate the buds. The flower buds should be with out the stamen and the membrane ( non edible).
2. Chop the buds.
3. Take a bowel filled with water. Add two table spoon if curd and mix. Add the chopped buds and leave it over night.
4. Next day morning clean the chopped and soaked buds in clean water.
5. Boil the buds in a cooker till one whistle.
6. Strain the cooked buds and leave it aside
7. Make a paste of chana dal(bengal dal)
8. Add a pinch of salt, 1/2 spoon of chilli powder, 1/2 spoon of kalinji, pinch of hing, to the paste.
9. Make small balls and fry till golden brown and keep it aside
10. In a Kadai fry jeera and bay leaf. Add potato and fry for couple of minutes. Add grated coconut, haldi powder, chilli powder, jeera powder and fry for couple of minutes. Add the boiled banana flower buds. Add salt to taste and 1/2 spoon sugar. Fry for some time in simmer flame with covered lid for about 10 minutes
11. Add the fried balls and little water if required. Cover it kadai for 5 minutes
12. Add gram masala and ghee.
13. The preparation is ready to serve

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  1. Jody and Ken says:

    Wait–you only eat the white thing at the center??!! How many are there in a typical banana flower? I ask because banana flowers have occasionally become available at an upscale grocery near us (Boston, US). But they cost between $5 – $7 each (really expensive). When I asked someone in the produce department how to eat it, she told me to just chop the entire thing up and throw it into a stir-fry. I followed her instructions. It was a dining experience I won’t repeat. It was really dreadful. Ken


    1. sabaribook says:

      Yes.You just eat the white sticky flower like thing.You have to discard the purple leaves and the thick stem part.I good medium sized banana flower without the leaves can easily weigh around 250 grams and after adding the other ingredients in my recipe you can serve 3 easily.Tip:When you pull out the flowers use some oil because they can get really sticky 🙂


  2. I am truly thankful to the owner of this web site who has shared this
    enormous piece of writing at at this place.

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