Dhoka’r Dalna(Lentil Cake Curry)

Dhoka’r Dalna is a bengali vegetarian dish.It can be had with rice or roti.It is completely vegetarian in nature because generally in India(especially in Bengal) a veg dish does not include garlic and onion.The ingredients are common and the technique simple but one has to practice to get the right texture.As I have said before cooking is all about you.So go ahead and enjoy! šŸ™‚ (This is for Dalia)

dhokar dalna
1. Chana dal(split bengal gram) 1/2 kg
2. Potato 100 gms cut into cubes of 1″
3. Chilli powder 1 1/2 spoon
4. Jeera(Cumin) powder 1 spoon
5. Salt 1 1/2 spoon
6. Sugar 1/2 spoon
7. 1 Tomato sliced
8. Garam masala 1 spoon
9. Ghee(Butter Oil) one spoon
10. Bay leaves
11. Whole jeera(Cumin) 1 spoon
12. black Onion seed 1/2 spoon

1. Soak chana dal overnight(preferably) or at least 3-4 hours
2. Grind the chana dal with little water
3. Add to the chana paste, salt to taste, 1 spoon chilli powder, 1/2 spoon kalinji(black onion seed) and mix well
with hand. It should be properly whipped with hand
4. In a Kadai(wok) pour 2 table spoon of oil. Add the dal mixture. Stir the same for about 10 minutes and make it
into a dough.
5. Take a thali(Plate) and apply some oil. Spear the dal mixture thickly.
6. Cool it for 10 minutes.
7. Cut into diamond shape
8. Take a Kadai(wok) and heat oil.
9. Fry the dal dhoka(diamond dal mix) pieces and keep aside.
10. In the same Kadai with the fried oil, add whole jeera(cumin), tej Patta(bay leaves), square pieces of potato.
Fry till the potato is brown. Keep the ingredients aside in another plate
11. In the same oil, in races required add some more oil, add ginger paste, haldi(turmeric) powder, chilli powder,
jeera(cumin) powder, salt to taste, 1/2 spoon sugar, tomato pieces.
12. Stir for about 7-10 minutes. Add 2 glasses of water. Boil for some time. Add dhoka and other fried ingredients
including potato. Cover with lid and allow to boil for 10 minutes on simmer flame.
13. Inspect whether the potato and dhoka is soft. Once soft add garam masala. Add ghee. Put back the lid and allow
it to cool for some time.
14. Dhoka’r Dalna is ready to serve.

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